Year of Completion: 2020

Location: Edmonton, AB

This renovation elevates the building’s opportunities as a 'tech hub' office tower in the heart of downtown, notably through the new front plaza which rekindles the building's relationship to 103rd Street with an energized and integrated streetscape.

Formerly known as Enbridge Place, this 1970s era striking all-black modernist skyscraper was given a complementary interior transformation and enhancement to the podium and plaza. The tower’s dark façade is commemorated by an abiding design language throughout the architecture.  Darker exterior elements are maintained along with a compelling black canopy that fortifies the dynamic entrance.

Connecting the unique podium skylights to a sunbathed interior was done by removing portions of the second storey floors and walls to expose the building’s steel structure. The result was a dramatic two-storey volume that connects people to a light-filled open concept with an industrial aesthetic; a stark contrast to the previous design.

Parts of the building’s identity are highlighted by a unified aesthetic, which is visible throughout the contemporary tenant lounge, collaborative spaces, fitness centre, and new frontages for commercial units.

Stephen M. Boyd

Architecture Ltd.